Our webstore Kirana Bazar has a clear policy on privacy that explains how we process client’s information. Therefore, our web and app users, including potential customers, should read this information with patience. We sincerely welcome you and promise to offer you the best of our services.



We, Kirana Bazar, collect clients’ information to build a database that will help to improve our services. But, unfortunately, we can’t avoid this because of the resolve to offer the best.

Below are the kinds of information we take from our customers:



These are the information you give during registration to access our webstore.

  • Your first and last name 
  • Phone number 
  • Email address,
  • Office and residential address
  • Zip/Postal Code, and landmark.
  • Bank card and Payment details.
  • Age and sex
  • Marital status.
  • Location, country, and state.
  • IP address
  • Spouse’s address and phone numbers



Various data you can access through Karina Bazar services include:

  • Subscriptions and recent orders status
  • Order history
  • Personal information like name, email and contact addresses
  •  Payment data / settings
  • Wish lists
  • Recommendations and recently viewed products


Information provided by our clients helps in the general management of the grocery. In addition, we use the information to improve the features in the mobile Application, which operations will randomly bring innovation to the type of services we give our existing and potential customers. Such services may include:



  • Customer’s security and safety is our priority: And so, we collect information to prevent abuses and fraud to secure and protect our client and Personnel. We also control the suspected threat and possible hack.
  • Friendly/ timely communication: Giving your information will help us to communicate with you electronically either on social media, phone calls, SMS, Gmail and every other conventional channel.
  • Transaction history: We keep the record of your transactions per the authority's demand and plan your motivation and promotional gifts. 
  • Customized services: Some clients would like to have our service customized. Information collected from each of them will help us build a system that will sustain the relationship.
  • Market research: We may also collect information to conduct the general market survey to improve the services of our company.
  • Information sharing: We may decide to share your information regarding legal compliance like court orders and orders from legal authorities.
  • Delivery planning: Clients' data also helps in the planning of grocery delivery. Such information may be; house address, phone number and office address.



In line with existing laws and regulation on privacy, Kirana Bazar has put measures to check, secure and safeguard your information against unauthorized use, damage and disclosure. We can only open our servers to authorized workers to provide you with the service you so request. We can also give information to the third party where and when necessary. Where you doubt that your data is not secure, you may cease using this site. Hence;

  • Clients should protect their password and other login details from unauthorized persons.
  • If you find out that your login details have is in the wrong hands, kindly inform us.

Our webstore does request the identity of persons looking for information from us.


The Act of Indian contract of 1872 may disqualify a specific class of people from accessing the services of the Kirana Bazar. This class of people falls within those described as ‘incompetent to contract’. Also, teenagers who are not up to 18year are ‘minors’ and may not access our service independently. They may use the mobile Application under the strict supervision of their guardians. These guardians are those bound by the terms and conditions of the contract. Law has also permitted Parents or legal guardians, registered users, to transact businesses for Children under 13years. These Children are not eligible to purchase grocery items that belong to the adult class. Nor anyone permitted to sell to them.



Unless otherwise stated, all grocery products on the website will be charged the price mentioned during the time of order, not the price at the delivery time. Though prices of most of the products change randomly, we choose to maintain our stand. Therefore, there shall be no refund of any money if the price falls at the time of delivery. And no additional charges demand if the price increases.



If you order a product from us and deliver you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return it to us. Every customer is entitled to this service, and we will proudly take it back. The company will pay you the exact amount of the product by a credit note. You will have the amount credited to your website account. And can be used to make payment in another shopping round.



If you already place an order for a product and make a payment into our account, can you cancel the order and get your money back? Yes, you can. Send a message or put a call through to our customer care service, and we will refund your money. We can equally cancel your order if we suspect any illegal transaction that tries to undermine the policy, terms and condition of accessing the website. And finally, we will blacklist the suspect, denying temporally or permanent access to our website.



  • You do not use this site for fraudulent acts, store images, or other electronic materials covered by copyright and transmits without the owner's authorization.
  • You do not disturb or cause interference of another person’s enjoyment by the use of this website
  • You do not use this website to spread offensive, uncultured, harassing, life-threatening, abusive, discriminating, bigotry, racism, malice, hatred, and or other undesirable materials.
  • Do not try to use this site to gain illegal entry to other persons’ computer to infect any virus that could cause damage to it and sorrow to the owner.
  • You do not transmit materials that will result in civil liability, nurse conduct that breeds criminal activities, and breaches relevant codes of conduct, regulations, and laws.
  • You do not use this website to promote social ills of society like pornography and the likes.



Using this website, you agreed that you would give accurate and unbiased information in all places you were asked to do so. Where your data has been found untrue after validation and confirmation, Kirana Bazar has the right to reject your registration and refuse you access to the company's service. 


Terms and Conditions

Please spend time to read these terms and conditions before using the Using this website indicates your agreement to these conditions.


Your account

These conditions apply if you're using both the Kirana Bazar website and app.

  • Maintenance and protection of account details, including username and password, is your responsibility.
  • You should protect your computer and mobile devices to prevent unauthorized use of our website.
  • Using this website implies you have agreed to take responsibility for all activities under your account.
  • Make sure you take steps and precautions against user credential's compromise.
  • Contact us immediately if you suspect that someone else has access to your password.
  • Visit the website's account area to access and update your login details at any time.
  • All purchases made on the website are for commercial purposes and personal use.

Privacy Conditions

  • Please check our privacy policy for more information.
  • Kirana Bazar will treat the data we collect when using the website with confidentiality per the privacy laws that govern our practices.
  • Using our webstore implies you agree that we can use your information.


  • We will ensure that use enjoys 24/7 uninterrupted access to the website.
  • Data transmission is 100% error-free.
  • Internet issues and site maintenance may cause temporary interruptions, preventing access.
  • Our responsibility is to limit the frequency or duration of site suspension due to introductions of new services or repairs.
  • Our responsibility is to limit the frequency or duration of site suspension due to introductions of new services or repairs.

Communication on E-Platform

  • Kirana Bazar is an online platform for the purchase of groceries.
  • Users can buy the listed items per their prices from their locations.
  • You agree that KiranaBazar only facilitates but doesn't control your transactions.
  • All communications with us when visiting our website occur electronically.
  • Kirana Bazar users are expected to provide a phone number before placing an order.
  • Our team may call, send SMS or email notifications. Using Kirana Bazar means you have consented to these forms of communication.

Personal Conduct When Using Kirana Bazar

  • Make sure you avoid acts and activities that could interrupt the Kirana Bazar website. 
  • You cannot use the site for criminal activities.
  • We are against the use or reuse of other people's materials.
  • Never use languages or pictures that could intimidate, annoy or inconvenience others.

Comments and Feedback

  • Provided the content is legal, users can post comments, feedback, and suggestions.
  • Kirana Bazar can remove or edit the content that is misleading or illegal.
  • Using a false email address to impersonate or create inaccurate content is unacceptable.
  • We might terminate your access to the website if these conditions are violated.

Patents and Copyrights

  • All content and items on the website is the property of Kirana Bazar and its affiliates, protected by Indian copyright laws.
  • Kirana Bazar's team is solely responsible for the compilation of content on this website.
  • Kirana Bazar and its partners own all software on the website; therefore, they are protected by the Indian copyright and patency laws.
  • You must not use the website's content without the strict permission of Kirana Bazar and its affiliates.
  • You cannot use robots or data mining software to scrap information or content from the website without our approval.
  • Users cannot publish their product listings or prices on the website without our express consent.

Property Infringement Claims

  • Kirana Bazar respects other people's creativity and ideas.
  • If you suspect intellectual property infringements, contact us immediately.


  • You understand that transacting on this website is without risk, and you're at your best judgment when making this decision.
  • You should only use the website for personal use and not for business.
  • Kirana Bazar shall not be held liable for irresponsible activities of other users of the website.
  • We shall not be responsible for claims of warranties from manufacturers.
  • Kirana Bazar shall not mediate or resolve disputes between manufacturers and buyers.


  • Kirana Bazar shall not pay attorney fees or penalties users incurred due to the breach of these terms and conditions.
  • You, therefore, release Kirana Bazar and its affiliates from any consequences or financial obligation that arises from the violation of these conditions.

Children and Minors

  • According to the 1872 Indian Contract Act, the use of Kirana Bazar online grocery store is not for people under 18 years.
  • Persons under 18 can only shop in the presence of a parent or guardian.


  • Kirana Bazar is not responsible for any loss in revenue, profit, savings, data, etc., that occurs after using the webstore.

Amending Our Conditions

  • Kirana Bazar can alter the content of these conditions whenever the need arises.
  • You are subject to the terms and conditions applicable when using our online store.
  • A requirement that is deemed void shall not be enforced on users of this website.

Unforeseen Events

  • We shall be held blameless if events beyond our control cause a delay or inability to carry out our responsibilities per the terms of these conditions.
  • Meanwhile, this condition does not erode your rights.


  • Our inability to take action after you breached any of these terms doesn't invalidate our right to act when breaching other conditions.

Jurisdiction of this Law

  • These terms and conditions are based on the laws of India.
  • You, therefore, submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of India.

Kirana Bazar Software Terms

  • These terms and conditions apply to all software and updates from the Kirana Bazar webstore.

Third-Party Services

  • When using the Kirana Bazar website or mobile app, you may directly or indirectly use third-party services.
  • Users of these third-party services are subject to their terms of use, fees, and other policies.

Updates and Upgrades

  • To improve our services, we may update our webstore regularly.
  • These updates could be manual or automatic but without prior notice to you.

Pricing and Availability 

  • Each product listed on our webstore bears availability and price information.
  • Kirana Bazar is pretty precise about the provided price and availability data.
  • We don’t list products that are not available for dispatch and onward delivery.


  • You shall pay all charges linked with the purchase of our products from our grocery store.
  • You shall pay all applicable taxes per the laws of India.

Reverse Engineering

  • You shall not assist anyone to tamper with the Kirana Bazar software, either in whole or in part.
  • Users are disallowed from copying, modifying, or reverse-engineering this software.

Kirana Bazar Contract

  • Order placement indicates you want to buy from us.
  • An email notification that confirms and lists your order details accompanies each successful order you placed.
  • The email notification shows you have placed an order but not a confirmation that we accepted the order you placed.
  • Acceptance of offer and conclusion of the contract is when the product you ordered is sent to you.
  • If your order is in different packages, you will receive separate email notifications.
  • To fulfill your part of the contract, confirm that the product ordered is for personal use only.
  • Kirana Bazar can declare and state to government authorities your purpose of purchasing our products.
  • You can only cancel the order placement if the product is not dispatched to your location.
  • We can cancel any order at any time even without giving prior notice.

Our Contact Details

  • Kirana Bazar is headquartered in Motihari, Bihar, India
  • Contact Number: +919142900711
  • Email: [email protected]